1. Flap - hides the wiper's unique design. Gives the side window wiper its off the assembly line look when attached to vehicle.

  2. Weather proof adhesive strip - eliminates the need for tools. Just peel off the neon green adhesive liner and attach the window wiper to the vehicles window weather strip.

  3. Wiper blade - is made from a scratch and smudge free material.

  4. Bumper - especially designed to rest on the vehicles weather strip, keeping the wiper leveled.

  5. Wiper blade hinge - this flexible section allows the vehicle's window to be cleaned when putting your window up and down.

  6. Indented cut line - this visual aide can be used if the wiper needs to be shortened to fit your vehicle; simply cut along the grove from one end of the wiper with a pair of common scissors.

How to install

ViperSwiper-Side Window Wiper:Attachment Video

1. Clean window frame

2. Measure and cut wiper

3. Attach wiper

*Avoid operating your window for 24 hours after attachment. For more detailed instruction click here

Side Window Wiper Tips

  • Check to make sure wiper blade is able to touch window before pulling the green liner.
  • Attach to clean, dry window frame. For best results do not wash car immediately after installation.
  • If wiper begins to collect dust or dirt, simply wipe blade clean with a cloth.
  • For best results, remove excessive amounts of water from wiper blade.

ViperSwiper™ Side Window Wiper fits most vehicles.

 For a list of vehicles it does not fit, please click here.